This help document aims to explain the basics of CelticPipes so that you feel able to use it to create anything from a simple score for one instrument to more complex ones incorporating multiple instruments and harmonies.

Several sample scores are provided by the CelticPipes installation program to show the capabilities of the software. We encourage you to check out the properties and configuration settings of these scores, once you have run through this help manual to get the basic idea of how it all works.

Getting Started

This manual has been organised into logical groups of topics which are displayed in the navigation pane on the left of the screen (if your browser supports frames). 

There is no 'quick start' guide as the manual is fairly concise, but if you really can't wait to plunge in, we suggest you start with the following topics:

Most of the other topics can be referred to later if you have any problems. To get the most out of your software though, we still recommend that you read through it completely at some point - and particularly before contacting us for any support!

We sincerely hope you enjoy using this software.