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Title Time Signature StyleComposerMain InstrumentFile Format
Kate Dalrymple 4/4 Reel Traditional Bagpipes cep
Ale is Dear, The2/2ReelTradBagpipescep
Bessie MacIntyre2/2ReelWilliam MacLeanBagpipescep
Busy Birl2/4HornpipeNot knownBagpipescep
Doran's Rambles2/2ReelT. Crowley (1940's)Bagpipescepx
Down to Yosemite2/4HornpipeGwendlyn FosterBagpipescepx
Fair Maid of Oban, The2/2ReelTraditionalBagpipescep
Fairy Dance, The2/2ReelTraditionalBagpipescep
General Stewart of Garth2/2ReelTraditionalBagpipescep
Jennifer and Gordon's Silver Anniversary2/4ReelGordon LawrieBagpipescep
John Three Flasks Ponsonby2/4HornpipeSandy JohnstonBagpipescep
Kate Dalrymple4/4ReelTraditionalBagpipecep
Kilt is my Delight, The2/2ReelTraditionalBagpipescep
Mrs MacPherson of Inveran2/2ReelP/M G.S. McLennan, Gordon HighlandersBagpipescep
Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay2/2ReelAngus MacKayBagpipescep
Sandy Cameron2/2ReelTraditionalBagpipecep
Si Aire2/2ReelH G JacksonBagpipescep
Tail Toddle2/2ReelTraditionalBagpipescep
The Black Mill (Am Muilean Dubh)2/2ReelTraditionalBagpipecep
The De'il Among The Tailors2/2ReelTraditionalBagpipecep