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Title Time Signature StyleComposerMain InstrumentFile Format
Castle Dangerous 3/4 Retreat James Haugh Bagpipes cep
Castle Dangerous (with Harmony) 3/4 Retreat James Haugh Bagpipes cep
A Wedding in the Bush6/4WaltzGilbert MacKayBagpipescepx
Big Jim6/4Slow AirTim FarrellyBagpipescepx
Bored3/4RetreatJohn MacLeod; Wemyss BayBagpipescepx
Carol Ann Murphy6/8Slow AirClark RoseBagpipescep
Craig Millar Castle3/4RetreatTradBagpipescep
Danny Boy (The Londonderry Air)4/4Slow AirBagpipescep
Dark Lowers the Night3/4RetreatTraditionalBagpipescep
Fear A'Bhata9/8Slow AirTraditionalBagpipecep
For Ann4/4Slow AirJohn MacLeod; Wemyss BayBagpipescepx
Hawk That Swoops on High, The3/4RetreatTraditionalBagpipescep
Hector the Hero6/8Slow Air UnknownBagpipescepx
H i H i6/8Slow AirTraditional Gaelic LamentBagpipescep
I Will Go Home to Kintail4/4Slow AirTraditionalBagpipecep
La Boum4/4Slow AirJakob Sebastian & Zahlauer UdoBagpipescep
Laird of Lagavulin3/4Slow AirUnknownBagpipescepx
Leaving Barra6/8Slow AirTraditionalBagpipecep
MacGregor of Rora3/4RetreatTraditionalBagpipecep
Mairi Bhan Og (Fair Young Mary)6/8Slow AirTraditionalBagpipecep