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Title Time Signature StyleComposerMain InstrumentFile Format
My Lodging's on the Cold Ground 6/8Slow AirBagpipescep
Sarah's Song4/4Slow AirPhil Cunningham Arrangement M.LethbridgeBagpipescep
Sean Dun Na Ngall2/2Slow AirTraditionalBagpipescep
Seònaid’s Tune9/8RetreatGilbert MacKayBagpipescepx
She Moved Through The Fair3/4Slow AirTraditionalBagpipecep
Shoals of Herring3/4RetreatTraditionalBagpipecep
Sleep Dearie, Sleep3/4RetreatTraditionalBagpipescep
Steal Away6/8Slow AirTraditionalBagpipecep
The Flowers of the Forest6/8Slow AirTraditionalBagpipecep
The Gathering6/8Slow AirTraditionalBagpipecep
The Lass with the Long Red Hair6/8RetreatBrad FlanaganBagpipescepx
The Skye Boat Song6/8Slow AirTraditionalBagpipecep
Time To Say Goodbye4/4Slow AirAndrew Lloyd WebberBagpipescep
We Will Return Home To Kintail4/4Slow AirBagpipescep
We wish you a merry Christmas3/4Slow AirTraditionalBagpipescep
When Irish Eyes are Smiling6/8Slow AirTraditionalBagpipecep
When the Pipers Play 4/4 Slow Air Traditional Bagpipes cep
When the Pipers Play (with harmony) 4/4 Slow AirTraditional Bagpipes cep
White Horse Waltz6/8WaltzTraditionalBagpipecep