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Welcome to our tune library.

This Library contains categorised lists of free to use bagpipe music and drum scores in CelticPipes (.cep and .cepx) file format. Just click on the links above to browse each category. Use Search to find what you need.

Most Recently Added
1 Joshua & Adam McLees
2 Chumash Cass
3 A Wedding in the Bush
4 Cobblers of Lorn, The
5 Seònaid’s Tune
6 forward as One
7 Ivernia
8 McGuire's Jig
9 Sleep Dearie Sleep
10 King Charles III

CelticPipes v2.1: Just click on a title within a category, or search result, to download.
CelticPipes v3 (currently): Click or right click on tune title and Save file to a folder on your hard disk. Then browse to it inside CelticPipes.

Top 10 Most Popular Downloads
1 Highland Cathedral
2 Clumsy Lover Jig
3 10th Battalion Crossing The Rhine
4 Amazing Grace
5 A Hundred Pipers
6 Danny Boy (The Londonderry Air)
7 Scots Wa Hae Wi' Wallace Bled
8 The Flowers of the Forest
9 Highland Laddie
10 The Skye Boat Song

If you have any tunes or scores (free of any copyright issues) that you would like to add to the library, please upload them using CelticPipes, or use the Add Tune menu item above.


All bagpipe tunes are provided free in good faith. We have done our very best to make sure there are no copyright issues associated with any of the music. However, if anyone believes there to be, please email us with details and we will investigate.