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Title Time Signature
10th Battalion Crossing The Rhine6/8
72nd's Farewell to Aberdeen2/4
78th Highlanders’ Walk Round2/4
79th's Farewell to Gibraltar2/4
A Hundred Pipers6/8
A Hundred Pipers6/8
A Man's a Man For a' That2/4
All the Blue Bonnets6/8
An Irish Lullabye2/4
Black Bear, The2/4
Blue Bells of Scotland4/4
Bob Hutton's Farewell to the Clansman Pipe Band4/4
Bonawe Highlanders, The6/8
Bonny Dundee6/8
Bundle and Go6/8
Busy Birl2/4
Cabar Feidh4/4
Cabar Feidh4/4
Cam' Ye By Atholl6/8